CAC Company Incorporation

Limited Liability Company is the most popular form of company registration in Nigeria. Unlike a Business Name registration, a limited liability company is recognized as a legal entity. It can sue and can be sued. 

A very important feature of the limited liability company is the separation of the company from its owners and the owner’s ability to issue shares. Limited Liability Company comes with a number of shares which can be issued to investors to raise money.

Our Limited Liability Company package allows you to get your company registered within 5 business days. You will get your digital certificate, status report and memorandum & articles of association. The registration comes with the compant’s Tax Identification Number issued.

What you will get

  • CAC Certificate of Incorporation
  • CAC Status Report
  • Memorandum & Articles of Association
  • Tax Identification Number
  • Business Templates

Fee: ₦29,000

Delivery Time: 5 business days